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Pure Indian Foods Organic Turmeric Root Granules

Pure Indian Foods sources its turmeric root from small family farms in India and keeps it in granule form, so it provides a rich, potent earthiness to dishes. Freshly grind turmeric as you would whole peppercorns with the built-in grinder, which also keeps things mess-free—no yellow residue everywhere (a common peril of working with ground turmeric in the kitchen). Derived from the root of a leafy plant in the ginger family, this spice has earthy, almost musky notes that are released the moment you freshly grind turmeric. Use this product as part of a spice rub on chicken or salt-crusted pork tenderloin. Turmeric's warm earthiness also pairs well with vegetables, such as in our Indian-Spiced Spinach with Tomatoes and Dill or Ginger-Turmeric Potatoes and Green Beans (Aloo Faliyan). We also love it in our Indian Lentils with Spiced Oil (Tarka Dal), for which turmeric granules can be lightly crushed alongside mustard and cumin seeds to make tarka, a spice-infused oil.

  • Net Weight: 1.9 ounces
  • Ingredients: Organic Turmeric Root.
  • Certified: Organic