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Matsutake Shoyu

Haku Matsutake Shoyu is a mushroom-infused soy sauce made with earthy, spicy Japanese matsutake mushrooms, which have a uniquely clean flavor and an aroma reminiscent of cedar or pine. The savory notes in matsutake pair perfectly with the sweet, salty and umami flavor of shoyu. Kyoto prefecture’s Haku family producer has been making soy sauces for three generations. For this product, they infuse matsutake stems into their shiro shoyu—a lighter, sweeter variety with a higher wheat content and mellow golden color—so the mushroom flavor really stands out. The final product combines generations of knowledge with new ingredients for a dynamic specialty shoyu only available from this company. this shoyu balanced and lightly woody, with a strong mushroom flavor.

  • 500 ml
  • Ingredients: Water, Soybeans, Salt, Wheat, Matsutake Mushrooms, and Alcohol
  • Allergens: contains soy and wheat