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Ohsawa Organic Soybean Miso

Unlike most miso that is artificially “aged” for weeks, Ohsawa Organic Miso is naturally fermented for at least two summers in hand-hewn cedar kegs and brewed with mountain spring water, creating mouthwatering umami flavor. Enjoy it in soups, sauces, dips and dressings. This miso is crafted by the Yamaki Company, maker of the soy sauce for the royal family of Japan. Our tasters found this miso creamy, clean, and slightly tangy and sweet.

Make a Miso Broth with Ohsawa's product and experiment with building a soup out of your favorite meats and vegetables—one of the best things about miso is its adaptability to all kinds of ingredients. We like to layer its savory flavors with rich, meaty mushrooms in our Miso-Shiitake Soup with Napa Cabbage. Or blend Ohsawa Organic Soybean Miso with soy sauce to make a sweet and savory glaze in recipes such as our Miso-Glazed Broiled Salmon or Miso-Glazed Chicken with Mushrooms, both of which are quick and easy thanks to miso's complexity and do-it-all flavor. For even quicker recipes, try this miso as part of a dressing in our Miso-Ginger Chicken Salad or as the key flavoring for our Soba with Miso Butter and Asparagus.

  • Net Weight: 9 oz
  • Ingredients: organically grown whole soybeans, natural sea salt, mountain spring water, roasted barley flour (kosen), and aspergillus oryzae (koji).
  • Storage Instructions: Refrigerate after opening 
  • Place of Origin: Japan