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Atina Foods Inji Puli Ginger Tamarind Herbal Jam $16.95 $13.56

Crafted from a foundation of ancient Ayurvedic practices, each condiment is made to balance the six different tastes or rasas acknowledged in Ayurveda.

A medley of sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent (hot) and astringent (earthy or fermented) flavors are thought to balance the body and mind as well as please the palate.

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This is a lovely substitute for freshly grated ginger in a recipe— the bold fresh ginger taste makes it an easy swap, and the added complexity helps to take an easy weeknight meal in a new direction. Try it swirled into yogurt for an easy veggie dip, or whisked into salad dressing for a pop of flavor (it’s particularly good with hearty salads filled with carrots, roasted veggies and punchy winter greens). it’s also great as a simple way to add flavor to hearty roasted veggies like squash—just toss with inji puli to taste and voila, an easy side!

Kitchen Notes

The opened jar keeps fo dup to one year in the refrigerator.

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