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Atina Foods Thiyal Coconut Cooking Paste $17.95

Crafted from a foundation of ancient Ayurvedic practices, each condiment is made to balance the six different tastes or rasas acknowledged in Ayurveda.

A medley of sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent (hot) and astringent (earthy or fermented) flavors are thought to balance the body and mind as well as please the palate.

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Start your recipe sautéing in this cooking paste and you’re well on your way to big flavor with minimal effort. The slight sweetness of the coconut works well with proteins and vegetables, and will complement most any standard pantry ingredients— garlic, fresh herbs, warming and savory spices, etc. You can even try it as a simmer sauce: Simply dilute until your desired texture is reached, then simmer with veggies, meat, etc. It also works well as a soup starter— just dilute further than you would for a simmer sauce, using meat or vegetable stock, and add to the pot when you would plain stock or water.

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