Matcha Kari Summer Reserve Matcha $27.00

Matcha is a green tea powder ground from specially-grown tea leaves. Instead of steeping leaves in water, then removing them as you would with traditional tea, matcha powder is whisked directly into water or milk (such as your latte).

Like green tea, it’s said to be high in antioxidants. But the health benefits are supposedly greater because you actually ingest the matcha powder—as opposed to discarding the tea leaves. It’s also said to contain slightly more caffeine than traditional green tea, but less than coffee. The process of producing matcha begins up to a month before the leaves are even harvested, as farmers shade the plants to develop matcha’s vibrant color, aroma and savory flavor while discouraging bitterness. The tea leaves then are hand-picked, steamed, dried and ground into a fine powder using 100-year-old granite wheels. In addition to whisking the powder into liquid to drink, matcha also is mixed into all manner of snacks and dishes—both sweet and savory—for its flavor and color.

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Because it has a less bitter profile than other varieties, this matcha is the perfect addition to smoothies, lattes or desserts. For the best experience, prepare matcha with traditional Japanese bamboo whisk in a small bowl. While not quite as effective, you can also use a handheld milk frother, a small blender, or even shake vigorously in a mason jar until the matcha is dispersed and frothy.

Kitchen Notes

Matcha is a powder that must be dispersed and suspended in liquid-- it won't dissolve completely. A bamboo whisk designed for matcha is the ideal way to achieve a smooth cup with a delightful amount of froth.

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