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San Pietro a Pettine Truffle Honey

The aroma and depth of truffle oil is both highlighted and balanced by rich, floral honey in this decadent sweet and savory ingredient from Italy. The estate of San Pietro a Pettine is based in Umbria, Italy, a region known for its pungent, woodsy and highly sought-after truffles. This truffle honey has a full, resonant flavor, with a little muskiness like that of white pepper. It is ideal for enhancing other pungent flavors, like those of aged cheeses—try it with pecorino Romano on your next cheese board. We also like to drizzle it over roasted pork for an extra savory element or on salami pizza—honey with the cured meat soppressata on pizza is a traditional Neopolitan pairing. San Pietro a Pettine's Truffle Honey will bring out the best in simple cheese dishes, whether you use it to finish a grilled cheese sandwich or bring out dairy's natural sweetness and drizzle it over ricotta bruschetta topped with coarse black pepper.
  • Net Weight: 130 grams
  • Ingredients: Acacia honey, dehydrated white spring truffles, natural flavoring
  • Serving Size: 1 tablespoon
  • Place of Origin: Umbria, Italy