V Smiley Pear Quince Fig Conserve with Meyer Lemon $16.95

Many jam makers think honey is too strong a flavor to use in fruit preserves, but not V Smiley.

She prefers the natural sweetener for its slight earthiness, but also to honor its intrinsic link to the fruit-growing process. Just like the fruit and herbs in her lovely preserves, Smiley insists that the honey she uses be local, too, made by bees that pollinate only within Vermont. Add to that a judicious use of interesting ingredients like wild herbs and flowers and you get the most complex, uncommon, deeply flavorful fruit preserves that capture the taste of spring and summer days.

Not sure how you’d use it?

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Similar to V Smiley’s other preserves, the Pear Quince Fig Conserve works with most cheeses for a balanced sweetness, or added to a muffin or slice of toast. We love this particular jam with sharp cheeses like a clothbound cheddar or a blue cheese, as the sweet fig and tangy Meyer lemon pairs well with the funky sharper notes.

Kitchen Notes

We also like this paired with savory meats. Try using it with pork tenderloin, duck and game like you might a chutney.

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