Moosse Korean Cast Iron BBQ Grill Pan $145.00

This grill pan is made with care and craftsmanship.

You’ll notice each pan will have three small marks on the bottom. These come from a careful enameling process, in which the pans are balanced on tripods and gently coated. Most other enameled cast-iron products are placed on their rim while being coated, increasing their exposure to damage and rust. Moosse’s method is far superior, as it protects the entirety of the pan.

Not sure how you’d use it?

We test everything we sell. Here’s how we’d use this.


​Sliced meats like pork belly, tofu, mushrooms, and sliced vegetables like planks of zucchini are perfect for this pan. It’s great for stove-to-table serving or you can even sear food at the table with a portable burner—the Korean barbecue restaurant experience at home! Plus, you can stir-fry and braise in this vessel, too, thanks to its dish-like shape.

Kitchen Notes

Clean and care for as you would any enameled cast iron with nonabrasive cleaners. Not dishwasher safe. Safe for induction cooktop (induction burner must work with a bottom diameter of 5.1 inches), gas stove, ceramic cooktop, electric coil and oven.

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