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Bo Tree Organic Kampot Pepper - Gift Set

On a recent trip to Cambodia, we found a variety of some of the most exciting peppercorns we have ever tried. Bo Tree is a family-owned farm that produces a variety of organic peppercorns of varying hue and flavor intensity. This combo combines the farm’s trio of peppercorns into a convenient gift pack with 90 grm of each pepper. Use each individually or mix together for a complex blend for daily use. Each of the peppercorns—black, red and white—come from the same berry. It's all a matter of when they are picked and whether they are peeled. Black peppercorns are picked while still unripe, then dried in the sun. Red peppercorns are left to ripen before drying and thus pack a sweeter fruitier flavor. White peppercorns are black peppercorns with their outer layer removed for a milder, subtler flavor.

  • Net Weight: 90 grams of each peppercorn