Milk Street Barbecue Blends - Set of 2

A set of both the Milk Street Barbecue Rub Number One (Meat) and Milk Street Barbecue Rub Number Two (Chicken, Fish, Vegetables). 

Milk Street Barbecue Rub Number One (Meat)

Warm and earthy, this spice blends references baharat, a middle eastern spice blend predominantly flavored with cumin, black pepper, and cinnamon. Our version ratchets up the mix and adds salt and warm chili heat. These bold flavors are ideally suited for beef, lamb and oily fish like salmon or rich winter squashes, though one of our favorite ways to enjoy the seasoning is on a simple snack.

Milk Street Barbecue Rub Number Two (Chicken, Fish, Vegetables)

This vibrant yellow spicy-sour mix draws from southern Indian flavors like powdered mango, ginger, chilies and turmeric. Think of it as a galvanized curry powder, shot through with bright, fruity acidity. It’s terrific on everything from grilled or roasted chicken, fish or vegetables to stirred into a bowl of lentils or chickpeas with a handful of chopped tomatoes and cilantro. Add a pinch of the mix to vinaigrettes and salad dressing or toss with popcorn.

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