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Eva Solo Coffee Maker

I admit that I am a French press aficionado since it makes a clean, not over-brewed cup of coffee and is relatively easy to use. The CafeSolo is a great variation on the theme. Spoon ground coffee into the flask, pour over hot water, stir (they provide a stirrer), pop in the filter funnel with a flip-top lid, wait 4 minutes, start pouring. The CafeSolo has a 4-cup capacity. It also comes with a neoprene “coffee cozy” that zips up and keeps the coffee warm. And, unlike a French press, this system is easy to clean. 

  • 100% drip-free

  • Dishwasher-safe

  • Glass Jug, Removable Strainer and Neoprene cover included

  • 4-Cup Capacity

Kitchen Notes: This device scored in second place in terms of flavor, just under the very expensive Ratio 8. The coffee was clean and full-bodied. Since you don’t “press” the coffee using this device, the resulting cup is less bitter. It drinks as smoothly as tea. You do have to pour the coffee into a thermos or coffee mug after the brew time to avoid over extraction. Could be easier to clean.