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Smith Tea Milk Street Morning Blend

Your morning tea can make or break your entire day, so it needs to be good. We developed this Milk Street Exclusive blend with Smith Teamaker in Portland, Oregon, whose founder, Steven Smith, revolutionized American tea-drinking habits. Our food editor, Matt Card, spent hours with the Smith team tasting and slurping his way through countless samples before arriving at what we consider the perfect cup, a British-style morning blend. The hearty, deep-flavored black tea mixes malty Assam, brisk Ceylon, buttery Keemun and smoky Zheng Shan with a subtle touch of sweet vanilla to soften the edges. It’s equally good neat as with milk and sugar. And don’t let the name fool you—it's delicious any time of day.
  • Net Weight: 1.74 ounces
  • Contains: 15 sachets
  • Ingredients: Assam, Ceylon Dimbula, Keemum and Zheng Shan full-leaf black teas, natural vanilla flavor
  • Place of Origin: Portland, Oregon