Hanamaruki Foods: Liquid Shio Koji $13.95

A powerful weapon in Japan’s culinary arsenal for centuries, koji is a special Japanese rice mold that’s the basis for making sake, soy sauce and miso.

When combined with salt and left to age, the koji transforms into shio koji as the rice grains break down into a pudding-y paste that will infuse anything with deep umami flavor.

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Marinate meats and fish, drizzle into salads, soups and sauces, or incorporate in baked goods like biscuits and quickbreads—or even desserts with nutty or chocolatey flavors.

Kitchen Notes

For a marinade or brine, the recommended amount of Liquid Shio Koji is about 10% of the weight of the meat, fish or vegetable you wish to prepare. Allow meat and fish to marinate 60 minutes or longer, while vegetables require 20 minutes or longer.

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