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Christopher Kimball for Kuhn Rikon Precision Tongs

We consider a set of tongs indispensable in the kitchen and collaborated with Kuhn Rikon on what we consider to be the perfect set. At 12 inches long, they are just the right length for both outdoor and indoor cooking (tongs designed for just BBQ are usually awkwardly long for anything but grilling). The scalloped, concave tips provide a firm yet gentle grip on most any food—they won’t tear delicate goods the way more aggressive serrations can (like most tongs on the market). We use them for everything from sautéing and grilling to baking, stirring pasta and even juicing--closed tight, the tips form a terrific citrus reamer. Consider them a heat-proof extension of your hands.

  • Length: 14 inches
  • Material: Stainless steel