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Field Company Lightweight Cast-Iron Skillet

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Field's cast-iron skillets work just as well as other brands but are so much more lightweight—the 10-inch model weighs just 4 pounds, at least 20% less than other models. The inside of the pans are also well burnished so they're smooth, not rough, for low-stick cooking, especially if you've seasoned your skillet properly. Cast-iron skillets retain heat better than any other material and evenly redistribute that heat during cooking, making it easier to create golden-brown vegetables or perfectly seared juicy steaks and chops. These pans are an essential piece of our batterie de cuisine.

The Field skillets are available in a range of sizes to suit the needs of any home cook. Choose between the No. 4, a compact 6-inch pan that's perfect for morning eggs and personal grilled cheese; the medium-sized 10-inch No. 8 or 12-inch No. 10; or the No. 12, a generous 14-inch skillet that is our favorite for big batches and campfire cooking.

We have tested a variety of seasoning methods for cast iron to discover the best technique. To start, wash the interior with soap and hot water and dry (don’t use an abrasive pad of any kind). Put on a medium burner with 2 tablespoons vegetable oil and heat until the oil starts to smoke. Take off heat and use a wad of paper towels to burnish the oil into the interior of the pan, including the sides. Repeat at least 5 times for a new pan, and be sure to rub the pan hard to really get the oil into the pan. If the oil starts to pool on the pan, it can turn sticky as it cools. Once the pan is seasoned, repeat this process, one time only, after each use. Clean the pan (without soap), heat it with just 1 tablespoon oil, and rub the oil into the surface.

  • Net Weight: No. 4: 1.85 pounds | No. 8: 4 pounds | No. 10: 6 pounds | No. 12: 8 pounds
  • Dimensions: No. 4: Diameter: 6 inches | Height: 1.37 inches || No. 8: Diameter: 10 inches | Height: 2 inches || No. 10: Diameter: 12 inches | Height: 2.12 inches || No. 12: Diameter: 14 inches | Height: 2.25 inches
  • Materials: Pre-seasoned cast iron (75-90% recycled material)
  • Use: Pans work on all gas range, induction and glass stovetops, as well as open flame.
  • Place of Origin: USA

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