Murakami Syouten Crushed Okinawa Brown Sugar $18.95

Why do we all still use tasteless white sugar in our cooking and coffee?

Much of the world enjoys raw or less refined sugars that retain their natural, earthy, fruity flavors and more robust textures. At Milk Street, we use them in desserts but also in savory dishes, from marinara sauce to braised beef.

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Use Okinawan brown sugar as a more complex alternative to dark brown sugar in baking, or take advantage of its spicy, bitter notes to add depth to savory recipes.Try it in rich meat braises— the sweet depth pairs wonderfully with the umami of soy sauce and fish sauce. Substitute an equal amount of Okinawan brown sugar for the white sugar the recipe calls for.

Kitchen Notes

For best results when baking, measure your sugar by weight

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