Reston Lloyd Eurita Clay 4 Qt Roaster with Lid $70.00

Reston Lloyd has been crafting quality clay cookware for over five decades.

This line celebrates the brand’s founder, Rita Bolle.

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Use for roasting meats like whole chickens, baking bread and our famous Milk Street low-moisture braising method, as it encourages meat to braise in their own liquids. Try using this for dishes like our Red Curry and Lime Roasted Chicken.

Kitchen Notes

This must start in a cold oven. Placing the roaster in a hot oven can cause it to crack and break. The unglazed lid and exterior will, over time, develop a patina from use as they are porous and difficult to clean. Hand wash with regular dish soap suggested. Use in a microwave oven or regular oven up to 500°F. When baking bread, it’s important to preheat the roaster while the oven preheats and then add the bread to get the proper rise and crust. Roasting meats and poultry works well, but we found it important to include a 10-15 minute uncovered high-heat roast at the end of the cooking time to allow for browning.

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