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Agrumato Extra-Virgin Olive Oil with Citron

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This small-batch olive oil is made by pressing ripe citron fruit with hand-harvested olives, for a balanced, boldly flavored olive oil that captures the fresh aroma of citrus without any added tartness. Agrumato's product is much rarer and more labor-intensive than infused olive oils. Whereas other brands are made by percolating citrus peels in oil, the company cold-presses whole citron fruit simultaneously with olives in a traditional stone mill then removes the citron juice with a centrifuge. It's a low-yield process that Italian farmers traditionally reserved for special occasions. We love how this citron oil is robust, full-bodied and smooth, yet light thanks to its refreshing citrus flavor.

The aromatic compounds and silky-rich mouthfeel of Agrumato are best enjoyed raw to fully appreciate their complexity. Try citron-pressed oil as a finishing oil for fish, chicken or pork; the fruity brightness can even work as a substitute for lemon zest if you don't have fresh citrus handy. Or drizzle the oil over winter vegetables or bitter greens as a refreshing counterpoint without adding acidity. We also use it in place of extra-virgin olive oil in our Feta-Herb Vinaigrette for added fruity aroma to balance the salty cheese. Or swap out some of the lemon juice in our Lemon and Herb Pilaf wih Hazelnuts and fold in some of the oil instead—citron's floral notes are a great pairing for the naturally sweet hazelnuts.
  • Net Volume: 6.76 fluid ounces
  • Ingredients: Extra-virgin olive oil, citron
  • Place of Origin: Abruzzo, Italy

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