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Yakami Yuzu Kosho - Green

This spicy, briny Japanese condiment combines chili heat with yuzu, the best-tasting citrus fruit you’ve never heard of that is used broadly in Japanese cooking as an accent note. Yakami Orchards sources its fresh, local yuzu from a collective of family farms in Japan’s Miyazaki prefecture, many of which have been growing their produce for several generations. Yuzu Kosho Green is a Japanese condiment prepared from fermented yuzu, chilies, kombu and salt. The paste is remarkably complex and packs a piercing clarity that works wonders as a rub on meats or fish before cooking, blended with butter to dress vegetables or whisked into vinaigrettes and dressings for salad.
  • Net Weight: 2 ounces
  • Ingredients: Green chili pepper, yuzu zest, sea salt, kombu, critic acid, sodium benzoate
  • Place of Origin: Japan