Opinel No 10 Corkscrew Knife

The ultimate picnic-and-travel knife, Opinel has paired a large-sized blade with a corkscrew that conveniently folds flat into the handle for a compact package. The number 10 blade (10cm, or just shy of 4 inches) is large enough to cut loaves of bread, slice fruit, and anything else a picnic, beach trip or BBQ can throw at it. The corkscrew is smartly placed to fold out of the comfortably profiled handle, leaving plenty of leverage to wiggle out the most stubborn cork. (Unlike other folding knives with built-in corkscrews, this is a real breeze.) The patented “virobloc” locking collar is a simple metal collar that twists into place, preventing an open blade from closing and a closed blade from opening.

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