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Christopher Kimball for Henckels International 5.5-Inch Utility Knife

4.9 star rating 7 Reviews

We recently did a survey of home cooks in the Boston area, and 70 percent of them said that they never sharpen their kitchen knives. Once I pulled myself up off the floor, I thought about what that meant. It meant that a lot of people must really hate to cook because even the simplest task like chopping an onion must be torture and, by the way, dangerous.

To help out folks who never sharpen their knives, we designed a 5.5-inch serrated knife that is truly an all-purpose knife. It has a unique micro-serrated edge that is only available on this knife and will stay sharp for ages without maintenance. (Mid-size knives are part of every chef's toolbox.) Good for more than just tomatoes, this knife can be used in place of a larger chef's knife and is guaranteed to cut through anything and everything.

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