Angkor Food Tamarind Sauce $13.95

Tuk Trey Ompearl Tum, or tamarind dipping sauce, is a common condiment for Cambodian wraps and spring rolls.

Tamarind is known for its bracing tartness and grows in large pods with sticky, succulent pulp collecting around its seeds. It’s a beloved ingredient in many South and Southeast Asian cuisines.

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We love this sauce as a tableside condiment for dipping dumplings, grilled meat skewers, savory pancakes and the like. And for drizzling into stir-fries and rice dishes (the grains really soak up the sauce’s flavor). We love pouring it on our Curried Beef Skewers and our Grilled Garlic-Herb Shrimp—just substitute mint or cilantro for the tarragon in the recipe.

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