Coro Foods Mole Salami $14.95

How does curing work?

Technically, any process that preserves meat—whether it involves aging, brining, canning or salting—qualifies as curing. Salt is a critical ingredient in any of these options: It removes moisture from meat, which prevents the growth of microorganisms and prevents spoilage, often for years. (In fact, the oldest recorded methods of preserving meat all feature salt heavily.) Coro Foods has innovated on the age-old tradition by developing their own proprietary curing agent starring celery salt, which imparts flavor as well as does the important work of conserving.

Not sure how you’d use it?

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We prefer this salami as an addition to a charcuterie board, snack or picnic spread, so that its distinctive flavor doesn’t get lost in a recipe.

Kitchen Notes

Shelf-stable; refrigeration not required.

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