Elvio’s Chimichurri Rub $8.95

Punchy and herbaceous, chimichurri is thought of as Argentina’s answer to ketchup.

Thought to be derived from a Basque term meaning “a mixture of several things in no particular order,” this traditional condiment is a fixture at every dining table, passed and shared between family and friends in a celebration of love and heritage. Elvio’s handcrafts theirs in small batches with fresh parsley and garlic grown from local, Los Angeles-area farms and high-quality olive oil.

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Use as a dry rub for beef and other meats, or sprinkle to season vegetables, popcorn, salad dressing and even pizza for a South American take on Italian seasoning. Add to any pasta dish for a touch of herbal nuance and chili heat, or bloom in oil for a finishing drizzle ideal for meats and fish or punchy dip for hunks of bread.

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