Field Company Lightweight Cast Iron Dutch Oven $295.00

Cast-iron retains heat better than any other material and evenly redistributes that heat during cooking.

That makes it easier to create golden-brown vegetables or perfectly braise meats. This Dutch oven is an essential piece of our batterie de cuisine and will last for decades if cared for properly.

Not sure how you’d use it?

We test everything we sell. Here’s how we’d use this.


Use this Dutch oven to makes soups, stews and bread, cook beans and grains, or for any recipe that calls for a large pot. Try our Turkish Beans with Pickled Tomatoes, Dutch Oven Cochinita Pibil Tacos or Soft Polenta if you’re in need of a little inspiration to get you started.

Kitchen Notes

Hand-wash only. Dry after wash and season regularly with food-safe oil.

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