Oliver Farms Sunflower Oil $10.95

Clay Oliver only started pressing oils in 2012 as an attempt to save his century-old family farm in Georgia, which had been struggling since the Great Recession; now, his oils are highly sought after by restaurant chefs throughout the country.

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This oil is perfect for using raw as part of a delicately nutty salad dressing or finishing oil, as well as for imparting a toasty quality in cooking, just as you would use a high-quality extra-virgin olive oil. Sunflower oil also forms the base in fragrant, herb-infused Piri Piri Oil, a spicy condiment that's offered on nearly every restaurant table in Portugal. On the sweet side, use Oliver Farm's product to boost the aroma of nutty oat crumbles, or even your morning oatmeal (especially paired with dried fruits and nuts) or homemade granola.

Kitchen Notes

While you can cook with this oil, it's best to use very gentle heat, to avoid breaking down the aromatic compounds that make this oil so special.

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