Sonoko Sakai Curry Brick Kit $22.95

Japanese curry arrived from India by way of Britain.

English naval officers who had gotten used to curry in India shared a Europeanized curry powder with their Japanese counterparts in the late 1800s. Traditionally used to make kare raisu (curry rice), it soon became a hearty dish popular with the Japanese military and later grew to be a beloved comfort food for all.

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Sonoko’s curry brick is so great because you have the ability to customize what ingredients you want to cook with. So here’s a quick rundown on one way you would use it.

To use the curry brick, simply sauté your veggies in some neutral oil (and/or protein if using) until they begin to get tender. In the meantime chop up your curry brick into small pea sized pieces. Add the chopped curry to your pot and stir to coat ingredients. When the brick begins to get aromatic, add water or broth, being sure to scrape up any bits that may have stuck to the bottom of the pot. Bring to a boil and keep at a simmer until everything is cooked and the sauce has thickened up to your liking.

We especially like it subbed in for the curry powder in this Japanese-Style Chicken Vegetable Curry or Japanese-Style Beef Curry. Just skip the step where you make a roux and simply add in your curry brick instead.

Kitchen Notes

Find Sakai’s recipe on how to make traditional Japanese curry bricks here.

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