Sonoko Sakai Quick Curry Brick Kit $16.95

Curry came to Japan from India, by way of Britain.

The British created “curry powder” to emulate the flavors they tasted after colonizing India, and hearty curries soon became common in the Royal Navy. Legend has it that a shipwrecked British sailor the straggled on to the Japanese coast with curry powder, but it’s more likely that the British Navy’s rations inspired the Japanese military to adopt curry and rice for their own. Soon, Kare Raisu became a beloved comfort food for all.

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Follow included instructions for forming and setting the curry bricks. Use them as a starter for our Japanese-Style Beef Curry or Japanese-Style Chicken and Vegetable Curry—skip the steps of making the curry powder roux, simply sauté a chopped up brick with some oil until fragrant and then add stock, water or cooking liquid and proceed. Stir into a soup, or try Sonoko Sakai’s go-to Chicken Curry—the recipe is included in the kit.

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