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Soom Chocolate Sweet Tahini Halva Spread

You can think of this chocolate tahini spread as the bittersweet, dark-chocolate sister of Nutella. Similar to how adding espresso powder to brownies brings out the chocolate flavor, the nutty and pleasantly bitter notes of toasted sesame are a wonderful counterpoint to the chocolate in this spreadable halva. Soom's tahini is made from single-origin white sesame seeds from northwestern Ethiopia that have an ideal oil-to-protein ratio and result in a creamy, pourable texture. Slather it on toast or pound cake and drizzle over oatmeal or fruit.

  • Net Weight: 12 ounces
  • Ingredients: Ground sesame seeds, powdered pure cane sugar, cocoa powder
  • Allergens: Contains sesame seeds. Free of peanuts, dairy and gluten.
  • Certifications: Women-owned, kosher, vegan