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Milk Street Roasts, Soups and Stews

This 64-page special issue features nearly 60 recipes drawn from around the world to change the way you cook roasts, soups and stews. We’ve selected the best recipes that showcase Milk Street’s bold, simple approach to cold weather comfort cooking. We speed up—and enrich—roast chicken by switching out the whole bird for parts, then seasoning them with za’atar, a Middle Eastern spice blend. We simplify porchetta, Italy’s fennel-rich stuffed pork roast, and turn dried porcini mushrooms into a flavorful crust for beef tenderloin. Made the Somali way, chicken soup gets layers of flavor, texture and color. Spices and fresh ginger bloomed in hot oil add extra depth to an Indian red lentil and coconut milk soup. Pumpkin puree and clove-studded chilies streamline a hearty beef soup from Haiti. And from France, red wine, olives and citrus bring big, bold flavor to a beefy stew.