Mama Lil's Sweet Hot Pickled Peppers $11.95

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Tuck the peppers into most any sandwich, or mince finely and stir into egg salad or your deviled egg filling (add a couple of anchovies too for a game-changing combo). Pile them on a burger or scatter them over homemade pizza—they'll even liven up pies delivered from your favorite pizza chain. Chopped fine, the peppers add a sweet-tart burst to most any tomato-based pasta sauce. Or add to stews and braises for a clarifying accent note. Swap in any of our recipes where we use peppadew peppers. The flavorful oil in which the peppers come packed is as valuable as the peppers themselves. Use it as the base for vinaigrettes, or drizzle over toasted rustic bread and dollop with ricotta for a quick bruschetta. Or simpler yet, blend whole peppers into store-bought mayonnaise for an instant aioli to pair with vegetables, shrimp, salmon or crab cakes. Drizzle it over roasted meats, vegetables or use to cook scrambled or fried eggs.

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