Moon Shine Trading Co. Californian Black Button Sage $12.95

Rare honey cultivated in Coastal California.

​Black Button Sage grows in Coastal California’s scrubland and chaparral plant communities, earning the name from the pillowy “buttons” of purple flowerets that grow on its tall stalks. Only a few of the flowerets bloom at one time on each stem, so this native plant provides a consistent nectar source for honeybees from February through June. Sage requires an especially arid habitat with as much early spring rain as possible to grow, which makes Californian Black Button Sage a rare honey.

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Use anywhere you would use honey such as: in baked goods like Double Chocolate Cake with Honey-Rosemary Syrup or on biscuits with butter. Use in a honey butter as we do in Moroccan Semolina Flatbreads or in vinagrettes such as our Honey, Mustard and Ginger Vinaigrette. Try it in cold treats like this Créme Fraîche and Honey Ice Cream. Work it into vegetable dishes like these Roasted Carrots with Turmeric-Honey or in meat dishes like Ikarian Braised Pork with Honey, Orange and Rosemary.

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