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Milk Street Spice Blends Sampler 4-Pack

It doesn't take a dozen ingredients to spice up your weeknight dinner; our exclusive spice blends will transform the simplest meals with one single step. And you don’t need recipes for these versatile blends—the package directions explain how much to use with basic ingredients. Marinara Magic is an upgraded Italian seasoning blend that features fennel seed, oregano, chili flakes and Parmesan. It adds instant depth and flavor to not only pasta sauce but also soups, stews, pot roasts or beans. Likewise, use Rice Spice for any manner of grains; the savory, warming blend includes earthy turmeric, coriander seed, fennel and dill, with a touch of red miso for umami. Veggie Lift, a light and savory mix with caraway, coriander, fenugreek and garlic, adds a delicate complexity and aromatic boost to any vegetable. And our bright, zesty Poultry Power is reminiscent of Madras-style yellow curry and features abundant warm spices, chilies and piquant flavors like tart mango (amchoor) and citrus.

Net Weight: Marinara Magic: 2.2 ounces | Rice Spice: 2.5 ounces | Veggie Lift: 3.5 ounces | Poultry Power: 3 ounces
-Marinara Magic: Parmesan cheese powder, butter buds, fennel, oregano, red pepper, dehydrated onion, sugar, dehydrated garlic, red miso, Worcestershire sauce powder, red pepper
-Rice Spice: Coriander, fennel seed, dill, yeast extract, dehydrated onion, dehydrated garlic, red jalapeño pepper, turmeric, red miso
-Veggie Lift: Salt, fenugreek, black pepper, caraway seed, coriander seed, dill, dehydrated garlic
-Poultry Power: Salt, fennel seed, cumin, coriander, ginger, turbinado sugar, turmeric, amchoor powder, curry powder, dehydrated garlic, green jalapeño, citric acid

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