Opinel No 216 Bread Knife

While we typically turn to Opinel for their iconic folding utility knives, they’ve recently released a handful of thoughtfully designed kitchen knives. Our favorite in the line is a serrated 13.5 inch bread knife from the Intempora line. The fine Sandvik steel (the same high-carbon blend they use for their pocket knives), deeply scalloped blade and sweeping shape (far more so than any other bread knife we’ve tried) make it highly effective for slicing through the toughest loaves of bread, tomato skins or peppers with little risk of banging your knuckles on the cutting board. The blade steel runs through to the end of the handle (known as full-tang construction), making the knife particularly sturdy—it won’t twist or turn during use. Our favorite part of the knife might be the robust polymer handle, which echoes the classic ergonomic shape of Opinel’s folders, designed to fit comfortably in most any hand. An effective bread knife is an essential tool in any kitchen, so you might as well have the best we’ve tried.

  • Blade:  12C27 Sandvik Stainless Steel - 57 HRC - 7.75"
  • Handle:   Made from fiberglass polyoxymethylene that ensures excellent resistance to wear and water and outstanding impact strength.
  • Secure and comfortable grip
  • Full-tang blade:  Blade extends throughout the entire length of the handle.