Marqués de Valdueza Orange Blossom Honey

With a light golden hue, Marques de Valdueza's raw Orange Blossom Honey from Extremadura, Spain, has a flavor profile comparable to clover honey but more well-rounded, with up-front floral notes giving way to a pleasantly bright citrus accent from Seville orange blossoms. Because the company does not pasteurize its honey, we found it to be slightly more crystallized than some other varieties, so the Orange Blossom Honey works better as a spread than other honeys that might simply soak into foods. The estate of Marques de Valdueza—which has been keeping bees since 1624—only grows organic produce that isn't treated with pesticides, so you can be sure that this small-batch honey comes from organic nectar. The company emphasizes high-quality production over high volume, so its honeys are in limited supply but worth getting your hands on: They're raw, with a fuller flavor than with supermarket varieties.

We love the light, floral notes of Marques de Valdueza's Orange Blossom Honey in a hot cup of tea when you want honey flavor that won't overpower the beverage; use it for an added floral dimension in chamomile or white tea. We also drizzle this honey on yogurt with berries and granola or use it as a sweet counterpoint over bold, funky cheeses. You can slather it thickly on toast with good salted butter or make our Honey-Thyme Butter; the delicate earthiness of fresh thyme pairs well with the richness of Orange Blossom Honey. It’s a great glaze, too: Blend with lemon juice and minced fresh oregano to spoon over roasted chicken or pork.

  • Net Weight: 9 oz.
  • Ingredients: Honey from orange blossom nectar.
  • Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dry place
  • Care Instructions: Pure, raw honey can crystallize. Should this occur, warm the jar in hot water. 
  • Place of Origin: Spain