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The Fresh Chile Co. Red Chili Sauce — Medium

While most red Hatch chile products are made with smoked or roasted peppers, this unique Red Chile Sauce is made with fresh ones so it retains a snappy, bright and fruity flavor despite the heat of the jarring process. It's unlike anything we've ever tasted, with a medium spice level and perfectly smooth consistency. The sauce is tasty enough to use raw as a condiment, but the flavor also deepens and becomes more savory when cooked. A vital ingredient in Southwestern cuisine, New Mexico chiles are similar to more common Anaheim peppers but spicier and brighter-tasting. The peppers are so iconic that they're in fact trademarked: Only peppers grown in Hatch Valley, New Mexico, can bear the name “Hatch chile,” and thousands of chili-lovers worldwide flock to the area for the annual Hatch Chile Festival, which takes place around Labor Day weekend at the end of the chile harvest. Family-owned Fresh Chile Company offers minimally processed jarred Hatch chiles that—true to the company's name—are incredibly vibrant and fresh-tasting.
  • Net Weight: 16 ounces
  • Ingredients: Red chile puree, garlic, salt, citric acid, water
  • Place of Origin: New Mexico

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