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North Coast Seafoods Jumbo Crabmeat

Because of long supply chains between fishing boats and your local grocery storea, even the best supermarket seafood is less than fresh. Enter North Coast Seafoods, a specialty distributor that sells the freshest seafood imaginable. Not only does the company control every single aspect of their supply chain, removing the middlemen, North Coast is also meticulous about processing and uses state-of-the-art technology to preserve fish within minutes of being caught. These wild blue crabs are caught off the coasts of Indonesia's Maluku Islands; the producer immediately steams them for freshness and hand-picks the unbroken muscles connected to the crabs' swimming legs, so each can has large chunks of meat as opposed to the shredded, pulpy stuff from the supermarket. You'll absolutely love North Coast's delicate, buttery-sweet and clean flavor.

  • Net Weight: 1-pound can

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