Namikura Kyoto-Style White Miso

Savory, sweet and flavor dense, we consider white miso an absolute pantry staple. Winey-sweet, buttery and deeply rich, this organic version is more complex than most anything else we’ve tasted. Its also less salty than other varieties, which means it can be used more freely with soy sauce without risking dishes tasting overly seasoned. We use it for Japanese dishes, like our miso soup and miso-shiitake soup, or blended into dressings for salads, like our miso-ginger chicken salad. We like whipping it with equal parts softened butter for a simple sauce to match nutty rye noodles and asparagus (The butter mix can be used on most any vegetable or starch to great success). Sealed tight, the miso will last indefinitely in the refrigerator.

  • 1kg

  • Aged 3 months

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