CS Fishery Oregon Albacore Tuna

While we love boutique cans and jars of tuna imported from Italy, Spain and Portugal, their prohibitive pricing makes them feel like a real splurge. This Oregon-caught and canned, solid-pack Albacore tuna rivals the European quality at a much lower price point. The fresh, clear-tasting fish is packed in olive oil and seasoned with Jacobsen sea salt, made from the same waters from which the fish are caught. This is premium American tuna—with a clear supply chain—at a reasonable price.

The tuna is delicious flaked onto a Nicoise salad, folded into a salad with mayonnaise, herbs and a little chopped sweet-sharp Peppadew peppers or combined with capers, herbs, garlic and fruity olive oil in a quick pantry pasta sauce. Try it paired with Sugar Snap and Radish Salad with Olive-Oil Tuna, which we learned from Joshua McFadden of Portland’s Ava Gene’s.

  • 7.7 oz

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