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BLiS Gourmet Barrel Aged Fish Sauce $19.95

Good-quality fish sauce is rich and pungent, bold with the indescribable savoriness known as umami. Store-brand fish sauce can taste overly fishy or salty.

Made properly, though, this ingredient is incredibly savory, complex and smooth. Artisanal producer BLiS Gourmet partners with Red Boat—our favorite brand of fish sauce—to make a bourbon barrel-aged, enhanced version of Red Boat's high-protein 40°N Fish Sauce. 

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BLiS Fish Sauce is best used in simple applications where it can be mixed with nothing more than lime juice and a pinch of sugar to make a delicious sauce for roasted salmon, haibut or scallops.

Kitchen Notes

Makes sure to save this fish sauce to use raw; keep a lesser quality variety in your pantry for cooking.

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