Nitto Jozo White Tamari

Note that while tamari is often used as a term for gluten-free soy sauce, Nitto Jozo’s White Tamari is actually all wheat-based. (In Japan, tamari simply refers to a liquid that is pressed out of another substance—in this case, wheat.) This sauce is malty-sweet and slightly tangy, a great choice for those who want the umami flavor of soy sauce with less saltiness. Nitto Jozo’s current president, Yoichi Ninagawa, makes this artisanal white tamari himself in Aichi prefecture’s Toyota mountains, using only local spring water, sea salt and wheat. Aged for three months in Japanese cedar vats, this sauce has a light, nuanced flavor that we can’t get enough of; use it raw to preserve its delicate profile.

  • 300ml
  • Ingredients: Water and Rice

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