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Black Garlic Molasses

This inky black, syrupy “molasses” is made from concentrated black garlic, which is garlic fermented long enough to render the cloves tender, mellow, earthy-sweet and utterly addictive. Reminiscent of concentrated balsamic vinegar (just without the sharp tang), use this as a flavor-enhancing drizzle over roasted meats and vegetables or blended with pan juices after sautéing chicken cutlets or pork chops. Add a spoonful to almost any soup for a galvanizing boost or top your next tomato salad or swirl into a batch of simple risotto for a dramatic flavor enhancement (and gorgeous appearance). Try smearing a spoonful over your next grilled steak as it rests, where it’ll mingle with the juices to create an instant sauce. We love ingredients like this that can so easily transform our cooking.

  • 250 ml