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Il Colle Del Gusto Hazelnut Spread with Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

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Il Colle del Gusto's hazelnut spreads are lighter, glossier and more aromatic versions of Nutella. With a high hazelnut content of up to 42%, they are made using local, high-quality roasted nuts from Italy, which have a toasty, buttery flavor, light sweetness and earthy depth. Organic extra-virgin olive oil from the Sabine Hills northeast of Rome lends a lustrous, glossy sheen and has a cleaner taste than the heavy palm oil that other brands use; it also gives the dessert pastes a luscious consistency that is far superior to cloying Nutella. They don't taste noticeably of olive oil, either; rather, the fruity notes enhance those same qualities in the chocolate, and the spread is rounded out with floral-scented vanilla. Choose between smooth Noccioliva or crunchy Granellona Brut, which has chopped hazelnut pieces but is still silky and spreadable.

Use these chocolate and hazelnut spreads as a wonderful addition to most any dessert. The olive oil in Il Colle Del Gusto’s product makes it especially easy to incorporate into pastry cream, ice cream or any custard base. We also swirl it into cheesecakes, brownies and quick breads. Or whisk together with an equal amount of hot cream for fondue and serve with sliced pears, strawberries and crunchy cookies like our Catalan Biscotti. For more nutty richness, try ½ cup chocolate and hazelnut spread in place of the bittersweet chocolate in our Chocolate-Hazelnut Crostata. We also love this aromatic flavor combination for breakfast. Spread it on a crepe as the French do, or slather on toast, pancakes or waffles and top with fresh sliced fruit. Blend with Greek yogurt, bananas, ice and your milk of choice for easy breakfast smoothies. Or swirl some into your breakfast oatmeal, especially nutty steel-cut oats.

  • Net Weight: 250 grams
  • Ingredients: Hazelnuts, sugar, extra-virgin olive oil, rice flour, cocoa, vanilla, sunflower lecithin (as emulsifier)
  • Allergens: Gluten- and dairy-free
  • Place of Origin: Italy

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