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Berard Round Salt Keeper

We are amazed at how many home cooks do not use a salt box, considering how much easier it is to cook with one. With a container near your stove instead of a shaker, it is possible to precisely measure out salt or pick up a pinch with your fingers. There are lots of designs out there, but we are particularly fond of the salt boxes by French company Berard. Both the speckled grey ceramic and olivewood salt cellars have magnetic lids that easily pop open when you need seasoning but also fit securely for storage. Choose either the gray for a lid that comes off completely or the olivewood for a swivel-top mechanism. The olive wood used to make the lids on both versions is from older trees, making them denser and better at keeping out unwanted moisture and odors. This salt box is attractive enough that we sometimes use it on the dinner table for an elegant addition that doesn’t require shaking.

Olivewood Specs:
-Net Weight: 14.1 ounces
-Dimensions: diameter: 4 inches, height: 3 inches
-Capacity: 8 ounces
-Care: Hand wash Only
-Designed in France

Stone Specs:
-Net Weight: 9.8 ounces
-Dimensions: diameter: 4 inches, height: 2.75 inches
-Capacity: 7.5 ounces
-Care: Hand wash Only
-Designed in France