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Earlywood NewlyWood Set

There is no better investment than the Newlywood set for those who want an instant, all-around upgrade to their kitchen tools. With its minimalist concrete holder and attractive array of wood colors, it is truly a stove-side work of art and all you need to prepare and serve multi-course meals. The Newlywood includes the flat-saute spatula, medium scraper and small spreader of the Trifecta set plus an extra flat-saute (use as a pair in place of salad tongs); a medium classic ladle for your soups and stews; an all-purpose, sleekly designed serving spoon that is especially comfortable to handle; and four elegant long-handled tasting spoons.

Earlywood Designs combines engineering and design principles to make simple, beautiful and utilitarian products from some of the most durable hardwoods in the world, such as Mexican ebony, Brazilian cherry, and hard maple. All products are resistant to damage; hand wash and dry well to ensure long-term durability.

  • Set includes: 2 Large Flat Sautes, 1 Tera Scraper, 1 Large Spreader, 1 Medium Classic Ladle, 1 Long Server, 1 set of 4 tasting spoons, and 1 concrete utensil holder. No coffee spoon included.