Earlywood Trifecta Wood Scraper/Spreader Set

Why don’t home cooks use wooden scrapers for cooking more than wooden spoons? A scraper has a wide flat edge that is perfect for, that’s right, scraping the bottom of a pot or skillet. The problem with most scrapers is the wood deteriorates over time, damaged by repeated washings and use. That’s why we love this set. The longer scraper is made from Brazilian cherry, which is so strong and durable that it’s often used for tool handles and even railroad ties. The smaller scraper is fashioned from Mexican ebony, one of the hardest woods in the world that is, for all intents and purposes, waterproof. Finally, the spreader is made from hard maple (hard enough to be used for bowling alleys) and big enough for a big schmear of cream cheese or softened butter. The large scraper is 13 inches long, the smaller one is 10 inches and the spreader is 7¾ inches.

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