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La Cave de L'Abbé Rous 10-Year Aged Grand Reserve Banyuls Vinegar

La Cave de L'Abbé Rous turns its historic, region-protected Banyuls wine from the French Pyrénées into rich 10-Year Aged Grand Reserve Banyuls Vinegar, which has the sweet aroma of wine, the depth of barrel-aged whiskey and the caramelized quality of fine sherry vinegar. Beyond a concentrated tartness, this vinegar has prominent caramelized notes and a full-flavored vanilla roundness, followed by hints of warm spice and honey. The barrel-aging process imparts a rich, oaky aroma reminiscent of whiskey, as well as a deep, woodsy finish. We also love that the packaging matches the quality of the product: The 10-Year Aged Banyuls Vinegar comes in a gold-capped glass bottle that reminds us of an old-fashioned whiskey decanter, packaged in a dramatic black cylinder box featuring gold embossed script.

A vinegar this hard to come by is best used raw to fully appreciate its immense complexity. And with this generous 500-milliliter bottle, La Cave de L'Abbé Rous' Banyuls Vinegar will last a while. This is the stuff to drizzle over roasted prime rib, tenderloin or juicy double thick pork chops for bold flavor in one transformative ingredient. Gift it to your favorite chef for use in salad dressings, like they do at Chez Panisse. Mix into a vinaigrette for a melon and arugula salad, topped with almonds or walnuts—its roasty caramel finish is wonderful with nut oils in vinaigrettes. Or use it in place of balsamic vinegar to transform a simple caprese salad made with sweet tomatoes. Lightly drizzle on roasted squash or carrots with freshly ground coarse black pepper and a touch of honey for a simple yet decadent side dish. On the sweet side, this flavor pairing is also wonderful with ripe strawberries, sliced plums or roasted fruit.
  • Net Volume: 500 milliliters
  • Ingredients: Banyuls wine vinegar. Contains sulfites.
  • Place of Origin: France