El Molcajete 8 oz Morita Chilies

While there’s a time and place for the convenience of canned chipotle chilies, we’re also big fans of using dried chipotle chilies for a subtler, cleaner flavor. Morita chilies are a lightly smoked variety of chipotle chilies (Meco chilies are smoked twice as long as moritas and are too strong for our taste). These chilies are pliant and fruity with a subtle, satisfying smokiness that complements rather than overwhelms. Toast them lightly and crumble to use in our chipotle shrimp tacos, pork chops in chipotle sauce or seed and grind to a powder to keep at the ready to use in chili, mole-style sauces or blended with salt and pinch of sugar to use as a smoky seasoning salt. To make a homemade version of canned chipotle chilies, try our recipe for chipotles in adobo.

  • 8 oz

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