Alvear Pedro Ximénez Sweet Sherry Vinegar $17.95

This vinegar begins with the sought-after Pedro Ximénez grape, which is known across Andalusia for it’s complex depth of flavor and use in single-varietal sherries.

Sherry wine is combined with a generations-old vinegar mother vinegar and then put through a traditional solera barrel-aging process for 10 years. The nuttiness that you taste in sherry comes from the exposure to air during the aging process. Natural yeasts form on the surface of the wine (called flor), which eat the sugars and impart a toasty, sometimes slightly savory nutty note.

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This vinegar is excellent when it comes to adding a rounded fruit flavor to any vinaigrette. We love pairing it with mustard, honey, maple, black pepper and nut oils like sesame. Toss with bitter greens like radicchio or frisée, aged cheeses, toasted nuts and apples or pears. It’s also a great substitute for wine when it comes to deglazing pans, giving dishes a pop of acidity and deeper, more complex flavor. You can also try it in our Onion Frittata with Sherry Vinegar Sauce or our Roasted Chicken Breasts with Grapes and Sherry Vinegar.

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